Day 12

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Vacation 2010, Day 12, May 26

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The day started with breakfast in the RV. After breakfast we got on Hwy-161 west to Hwy-97 south to I-5 south until we got to Cottonwood Ca where we stopped to visit Bob and Pat Roth. Bob and Pat took us to see the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River in Redding Ca. After the bridge they took us to Supper in Cottonwood. After supper we went back to their place and we taught them to play Shanghai, Marilyn won the first game and Pat won the second.


Domino Scores

   Jim: 22

   Marilyn: 19

Weather: Started sunny then some rain showers.

Lowest Gas Price: 

Mileage Today: 165

Mileage For Trip: 2265

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