Day 20

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Vacation 2010, Day 20, June 03

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Had Breakfast in the RV. Left Bakersfield on Hwy-58 east to Barstow, then Hwy-247 south to Hwy-62 east to Joshua Tree National Monument. We went through the visitor center and the drove through the park. After touring Joshua Tree we drove back west on Hwy-62 to Yucca Valley to visit Russ and Marta Gentry, long time friends and co-workers of mine. Russ and Marta took us out to supper. After supper they took us to see Pionertown. The town started as a live-in Old West motion picture set, built in the 1940s. The movie set was designed to provide a place for the actors to live, and at the same time to have their homes used as part of the movie set. A number of Westerns and early television shows were filmed in Pioneertown, including The Cisco Kid and Edgar Buchanan's Judge Roy Bean. I didn't have my camera so I got pictures from Wikipedia.,_California

After the tour of Pioneertown and Yucca Valley we went back to Russ and Marta's house to visit. We spent the night in front of their house


Domino Scores

   Jim: 29

   Marilyn: 28

Weather: Sunny and warm, high 80's

Lowest Gas Price: $2.85

Mileage Today: 273

Mileage For Trip: 3197

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