Day 22

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Got the RV washed at a truck wash, had breakfast at Denny's and left Palm Springs on Highway 74.

The first picture is from a view point on Highway 74. Palm Springs is in the background and the highway is in the foreground.

Continued on Highway 74 to Highway 79 and followed that through Hemet CA. Between Hemet and I-15 we came across a new lake. The next two pictures are Diamond Valley Lake, it is only about 25% full. Here is a link to a web site about Diamond Valley Lake.

After leaving Diamond Valley Lake we continued on Highway 79 to I-15, then south on I-15 to Poway where we stopped to visit Marilyn's sister Joyce and and her brother in-law Eddie.

Then it was south on I-15 to San Diego and home.

It was a great trip for us and we hope you enjoyed it too. Send us some e-mail and let us know how you liked it.

Final Dominos: Jim: 39, Marilyn: 43.

Mileage today: 160

Total Mileage for the trip: 4413.     Gas Mileage for the trip was 8.1 MPG.

The End.