Day 9

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Vacation 2003, Day 9

Date: 09/13/2003

Woke up to a grey overcast day. Had breakfast in the RV. Headed out of Castle Rock on 67 west to 85 north to 470 west to 70 west to 72 north through Black Hawk then on 7 to Estes Park. Had light rain and snow from Castle Rock to Estes Park. From Estes Park we took 34 east to Loveland and connected back up with 25 north to Cheyenne WY. From Cheyenne we took 80 west to Rawlins WY to visit Jim's Mother in-law, Maxine Ballard. Staying at the Western Hills Campground. The weather here is mostly clear and cool.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 12

   Marilyn: 14

Lowest Gas Price: $1.49 Cheyenne WY

Mileage Today: 365

Mileage For Trip: 1752