Day 10

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Vacation 2004, Day 10

Date: 05/15/2004

Judith cooked breakfast for everyone. After breakfast the girls all went to a craft show and shopping Phil and I played some pool. After the girls got back we had lunch. After lunch Marilyn and I played pool, then Marilyn, Mischa, and I taught Phil to play Shanghai, Mischa won. Then e had dinner, Phil BBQ'd lemon chicken on the grill, we were joined by Robert and Susan two of Phil and Judith's children. After dinner Phil and Judith taught Eddie, Marilyn and I a new card game called 7-Up. We played until almost 11:00PM.

Phil 1

Judith 1

Eddie 1

Jim 0

Marilyn 0

Pictures: Grand Canyon

Shanghai Scores

   Jim: 2

   Marilyn: 2

  Mischa: 7

Mileage Today: 0

Mileage For Trip: 2778

Happy Trails

Jim, Marilyn, Mischa and Devin