Day 17

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Vacation 2004, Day 17

Date: 05/22/2004

Waffles in the RV and back on the road again. Continued south on I-15 through a corner of Arizona, into Nevada, through Las Vegas then back into California. Stopped for lunch at Peggy Sue's 50's style Diner on old Route 66 just east of Barstow. Got back on I-15 to San Diego.

It was great visiting with all our relatives and friends along the way, thanks to all of you for your hospitality.

We traveled 5096 miles through through 10 states (other than California).

Went over the Shanghai scores and found some errors, here are the final corrected results.

Shanghai Scores

   Jim: 3

   Marilyn: 7

  Mischa: 10

Lowest Gas Price for the trip: $1.84, Wyoming ($1.43 on Day 15 was a typo).

Mileage Today: 510

Mileage For Trip: 5094

Happy Trails

Jim, Marilyn, Mischa and Devin