Day 4

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Vacation 2004, Day 4

Date: 05/09/2004

Happy Mothers Day to Marilyn, Mischa and the rest of you Mothers.

Happy Birthday to Micheal Thompson.

Had Chorizo and eggs or breakfast in the RV. Headed north from Moab on 163 to Arches National Park, toured the park and took pictures. Continued north on 163 to I-70 east. Drove east on I-70 through Aspen CO over Loveland Pass to Denver were we turned on 76 east stopping about 30 miles out of Denver. BBQ'ed Halibut for dinner.


Shanghai Scores

   Jim: 1

   Marilyn: 1

  Mischa: 1

Lowest Gas Price: $1.93

Mileage Today: 434

Mileage For Trip: 1323

Happy Trails

Jim, Marilyn, Mischa and Devin