Day 02

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Day 02

Date: 05/18/2006

I didn't mention on day 1 that the RV started making some bad noises between Barstow and Las Vegas. This morning I made some calls and found a place to check it out. After a test drive they said it was a bad bearing in the differential. So about 1:00PM they put the RV on an outside lift and raised it about five feet (with us inside it). They connected power to the RV so we had air conditioning and started working on the differential. While they worked outside with the temperature over 100 degrees. We spent the afternoon reading, playing dominoes and watching people come and go from the TV station (channel 13)  next door. About 4:45PM they finished, lowered the RV and let us out. After paying up we went back to Circus Circus. Later Stewart Stein (A doctor who used to work with Marilyn) came over and took us out to dinner at McCormick and Schmidt. After returning from dinner we played more dominoes.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 6

   Marilyn: 5

Weather: HOT! 100+

Lowest Gas Price: $3.09

Mileage Today: 20

Mileage For Trip: 359