Day 21

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Donner Pass

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Day 21

Date: 06/06/2006

Got up and decided to go have breakfast at The Great American Grill in the Hilton Garden Inn next door, another breakfast mistake! First there were no tables, then when one became unoccupied we sat down and waited, and waited, finally someone cleared the dirty dishes and then we waited, and waited, finally someone took out order and said we could get coffee and juice but when we went over there was no coffee so we had to get someone to refill the coffee machine. After some more delay we finally got our food at least that was hot and not bad. After we had finished the waitress said they were very sorry about all the delays and that there would be no charge, that eased the pain a little. After breakfast it was back on I-80 west. At Winnemuca NV we stopped at the Flying J gas station for fuel it was very busy and we had to wait in line for a pump. Well our luck continued because it took 45 minuets to pump 55 gallons of gas. I told them about the bad pump and they sent out a someone to look at it, but that was all he did, just look at it and leave.. After it finished we got back on the road and continued west through Reno, over Donner Pass and over the worst road on the whole trip to Auburn CA to visit Jim's Dad. Had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner then played Yahtzee until time for bed.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 18

   Marilyn: 20

Weather: Still Hot

Lowest Gas Price: $3.08

Mileage Today: 387

Mileage For Trip: 4939