Day 10

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Vacation 2007, Day 10

Date: 09/14/2007

Fixed bacon, eggs and toast in the RV. Fred stopped by to say goodbye and give us the morning news paper. After we finished breakfast and did the dishes we fueled up the RV and got back on I94 north and drove to Alexandria MN. Stopped and got some shakes at the DQ. After the DQ we went over to Lil Scott's house. (Marilyn and Lil worked together at the drugstore). After visiting with Lil we went to visit Marilyn's aunt Mary. Also at aunt Mary's we saw Marilyn's cousin Evelyn , after that we went to visit Laurel and Arlene Linder, other old friends of Marilyn's. After the visiting we found a place to stay the night (The L Motel and RV Park) then drove over to The Bug-A-Boo Bay, where there was a no host cocktail party for Marilyn's high school graduating class. After the party it was back to the L Motel and dominos before bed.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 13

   Marilyn: 8

Weather: Sunny and cool

Lowest Gas Price: $2.73

Mileage Today: 135

Mileage For Trip: 2757