Day 11

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Vacation 2007, Day 11

Date: 09/15/2007

Had breakfast at the Travelers Inn with Laural and Arlene Linder. After breakfast we drove over to Garfield and Brandon to check out the farm where Marilyn grew up and put some flowers on her parents and brothers graves. Then we drove over to the restaurant where Marilyn's 45th High School reunion will be tonight. After we found the restaurant we drove over to Miltona MN to find Marilyn's cousin Susie's farm where we will spend the night after the reunion. After getting all our landmarks located we drove back to Alexandria to visit Marlin's 98 year old uncle Harry. When we got to Harry's apartment we found that Harry's daughters Dianne and her husband Jim and Connie and husband Walter and aunt Mary were also there. After visiting with all the relatives we drove back to Susie's farm to get ready for the reunion. The reunion was at Andersons Outpost. It started at 5:00pm with drinks, dinner was served at 6:00pm and by 8:00pm things were wrapping up so we left and went back to the farm where we visited with Susie and her husband Dave Lusty until after 11:00.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 13

   Marilyn: 8

Weather: Cool

Lowest Gas Price: $2.79

Mileage Today: 104

Mileage For Trip: 2861