Day 24

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Vacation 2007, Day 24

Date: 09/28/2007

Got up early (6:00am) and left Auburn on I80 west to Sacramento, then south on Hwy99. Stopped for breakfast in Lodi then continued south on Hwy99. Our original plan was to spend the night in Bakersfield and go to a dinner show at the Crystal Palace, but when I called for reservations I found out there was no show tonight, instead they were having a bachelor auction. Well I didn't want to take Marilyn any place near that so we decided to drive straight through to San Diego. We wanted to avoid Los Angeles so we turned east on Hwy58 at Bakersfield to Hwy395 south then I15 south to San Diego. We arrived home at 6:00pm.

It has been a great trip, over 6000 miles through 12 states. Marilyn had a good time at her class reunion and we got to see lots of friends and relatives along the way who we want to thank for welcoming us into their homes. We hope all of you enjoyed sharing our vacation.

(By the way, I won the Dominos, for the first time since 1999)

Happy Trails

    Jim and Marilyn

Final Stats

Domino Scores

   Jim: 28

   Marilyn: 26

Weather: Warm

Lowest Gas Price: $2.78 (today), $2.61 (trip)

Mileage Today: 592

Mileage For Trip: 6051