Day 05

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Vacation 2008

Day 05, May 12

Stayed at the Western Hills RV park all morning watching it snow! Thankfully nothing stayed on the ground. At 12:30 we drove over to the nursing home and picked up Maxine, then drove downtown to the Square Shooter restaurant for dinner. After dinner we drove over to Barbra Larson's house. Barb and Maxine have been friends since Barb was 7 and Maxine was 11. We all visited until it was time to take Maxine back to the nursing home, then drove back to the RV park. Will walk to Cappy's for supper.



Domino Scores

   Jim: 10

   Marilyn: 12

Weather: Snow 33

Lowest Gas Price: $3.46

Mileage Today: 9

Mileage For Trip: 1281