Day 23

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Vacation 2008

Day 23, May 30

Left dad's about 7:00AM on I80 west then turned on Hwy99 south, then the RV made some bad noises and I coasted to the side of the road. We got pushed off the freeway and ended up in a burger joint parking lot. I looked under the RV and had Marilyn put it in gear, the drive shaft turns but the wheels on the bus don't go round. It looks like the problem is the differential or a broken axel. Called AAA and got the RV towed to Performance Chevrolet in Sacramento. We hadn't had any breakfast so we went to the IHOP next door and ate lunch. After we ate we walked to a nearby Hertz, rented a car, went back to the repair shop, loaded up some of our stuff and headed back south on Hwy99. Joined I5 at Bakersfield then Hwy210 east to I15 south home.

With the exception of the breakdown it was a good trip!! The only thing we missed was a night in Bakersfield and a dinner show at the Crystal Palace. I'm just glad it occurred on day 23 instead of day 3.

Anyway that brings to a close Vacation 2008.

Until next time, HAPPY TRAILS


Domino Scores

   Jim: 36

   Marilyn: 42

Weather: Partly cloudy,

Lowest Gas Price: $4.11

Mileage Today: 40

Mileage For Trip: 3668