Day 06

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Vacation 2011, Day 06, June 08

Left the RV park and went to have breakfast at Huddle House, When our orders came they brought us grits, Marilyn told them we didn't order grits, they said grits comes with everything. After finishing breakfast (except the grits) and got back on I-40 east. Drove through Knoxville to Asheville where we got on the Blue Ridge Highway (which I have heard is one of the top ten scenic highways in the US). Well it is scenic but also narrow, winding and speed limits of 35 and 45 MPH. I had planed to go all the way to Roanoke VA, 267 miles but we got off after about 100 miles at Blowing Rock NC. From Blowing Rock we drove to Boone NC and got a place to stay at Boone KOA. We went to see some goats and donkeys that they had at the park. Then we had a big thunder and lightning storm that went right over the campground. The thunder storm knocked out the WiFi so this will not go out today.


Domino Scores

   Jim: 11

   Marilyn: 13

Weather: Started warm, then got into the 70's, then thunder storm with lots of rain and hail.

Lowest Gas Price: $3.45

Mileage Today: 342

Mileage For Trip: 2461

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