Day 12

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Vacation 2011, Day 12, June 14


Kill Devil Hill - First Flight - Replica of Plane

Ate breakfast, packed up the RV, said goodbye to Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, Stacie and David. Got back on I-64 and drove west to Hwy-164 south. Drove out of Virginia into North Carolina. Transitioned to Hwy-158, then Hwy-12 onto TOB (The Outer Banks). Followed Hwy-12 through Kitty Hawk to Kill Devil Hill to see the Wright Brothers Memorial. Toured all the exhibits and climbed to the top of Kill Devil Hill. Back on Hwy-12 south to Hwy-64 west to Hwy-264 west (a scenic route). When we turned onto Hwy-264 there was an electric sign warning of poor visibility and possible delays due to smoke. We drove and drove and drove without seeing anything but forest and almost no cars on ether side of the road (we did see a black bear beside the road and two turtles in the ditch beside the road). We did come to where the fire was, there were long stretches of trees that were burnt and still smoking. We did not see any fire fighters, or anybody else, it was still just us driving and driving down Hwy-264. We did eventually come to some towns and some people. We stopped for the night in Washington NC and are staying at Tranter's Creek Resort and Campground.


Domino Scores

   Jim: 27

   Marilyn: 21

Weather: Partly cloudy, mid to high 80's

Lowest Gas Price: $3.47

Mileage Today: 234

Mileage For Trip: 3058

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