Day 21

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Vacation 2011, Day 21, June 23

Campsite at Bourquin's RV Park Colby KS

Packed up the RV and drove back to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, after breakfast it was back on I-70 west. Drove through Kansas City MO, crossed the river into Kansas City KS. Continued on I-70 until it turned into the Kansas Turnpike and then back into plain I-70 ($2.75). Made a stop for fuel in Maple Hill KS. Stopped again in Colby KS for supper at Montana Mikes then found a place to stay the night at Bourquin's RV Park. There is a Super Wal-Mart across the street and Marilyn had a list so we walked over and did our shopping.


Domino Scores

   Jim: 47

   Marilyn: 36

Weather: High 80's Blue skies with scattered clouds. Not so muggy

Lowest Gas Price: $3.39

Mileage Today: 503

Mileage For Trip: 4782

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