Day 22

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Vacation 2011, Day 22, June 24


Lincoln Monument on I-80 17 miles west Laramie Wyoming

Highest point on the Lincoln Highway 8640 feet.

Had trouble finding a place to eat breakfast, ended up at Mickey D's in Burlington CO. That worked out ok since I couldn't get the WiFi to work at the campground last night and I remembered that Mc Donald's has free WiFi so after eating I sent yesterdays e-mail and updated the web page. Then it was back on I-70 west to Denver, then I-25 north to Cheyenne then I-80 west to Rawlins WY. We stopped in Rawlins to see a friend, Barbara Larson, who is recuperating from a broken hip, in nursing home here. We are also staying the night at the Western Hills Campground.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 50

   Marilyn: 38

Weather: Clear skies, then clouds and a few showers.

Lowest Gas Price: $3.49

Mileage Today: 481

Mileage For Trip: 5263

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