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Vacation 2011, Day 29, July 01


Tehachapi Loop

Ate breakfast in. Packed up and got on Hwy-58 east. Took a side trip to see the Tehachapi Loop , a place where the train does a loop over it's self to maintain a 2% grade. Just as we got to the view turnout a train was going around the loop. The engineer stopped the train briefly as if to pose for pictures and then continued on. You can see the train going over it's self and passing it's self at the same time. While we were there another couple stopped and asked how long we had been waiting for a train to come, they said people wait for hours for one to come. Another case of being at the right place at the right time on this trip. Talking to the people we found out they are train buffs from Virginia, we told them we had just come from Virginia, small world. After the loop we continued on the side road to Tehachapi where we got back on Hwy-58 through Mojave to Hwy-395, turned onto Hwy-395 south to Victorville where we got on I-15 south, continued non-stop on I-15 to San Diego and home.

This brings another great vacation to a close. On this trip we were able to visit my daughter Stacie and her family. I was able to see my grandsons, Kenny and David for the first time (they couldn't be any cuter). We saw Graceland, Dollywood, The Ryman Theater (The old Grand Old Opry), Attend a show at the new Grand Old Opry and add another presidential site (Andrew Jackson's The Hermitage) to our list of presidential libraries/homes and much much more. We want to thank Jon and Faye Velle, Kenny Vaughn Sr. and my Dad for letting us camp in their yards. We want to thank Kenny and Stacie for showing us the sights of the Norfolk area. And we want to thank all of you for following us on our travels.

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Until next time, Happy Trails!

Domino Scores

   Jim: 60

   Marilyn: 46

Weather: Clear skies, warm 80/90's

Lowest Gas Price for the trip: $3.37 (Memphis TN)

Mileage Today: 275

Mileage For Trip: 6787

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