Day 15

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Vacation 2012, Day 15 June 30


1. The Fort Peck Dam

2. The Fort Peck Lake

3 Sign showing how the dam was constructed

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Ate breakfast at West Side Restaurant across the highway from the RV park. After breakfast it was back on US 2 east. One of the reasons I decided to drive on US 2 was a book we have titled "Road Trip USA" "Cross-Country Adventures on America's Two-Lane Highways" One section is called "US 2 The Great Northern" well if I had read the book before the trip I may have made a different choice. It seem that "The Great Northern" refers to the railroad that runs beside the road, not the things to see along the way. Marilyn did find in the book something about Peck Dam, The Worlds Second Largest Earth Filled Dam". So we went to see the dam. After seeing the dam we went to see The Fort Peck Interpretive Center. The Center told about the building of the dam and the dinosaurs That live in the area. It was worth the 30 mile detour. Then it was back on US 2. We eventually drove out of Big sky Country into North Dakota. Stopped for gas in Williston ND. Continued on US 2 to Minot ND, where we are staying at Roughrider Campground. It is now 10:05 and still not dark.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 39

   Marilyn: 36

Weather: Sunny and warm with scattered cotton ball clouds.

Lowest Gas Price: $3.479

Mileage Today: 355

Mileage For Trip: 3622

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