Day 17

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Vacation 2012, Day 17 July 02


1. Lindenwood Park

2. Our campsite a Lindenwood Park Campground

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Slept in until 9:00am. Breakfast in the RV. Went to visit Lil Scott and her son Glenn. After visiting Lil we came back to the campground and played dominos until time to go visit Marilyn's nephew Terry and his wife Michelle Angus and their children Jacob, Nate and Nick at their home in West Fargo. Another of Marilyn's nephews Mark Angus and his wife Kaye and their 6 month old daughter Sarah also came and we all had supper together. Then it was back to the campground.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 45

   Marilyn: 42

Weather: Cloudy, Hot and Humid

Lowest Gas Price: $3.339

Mileage Today: 26

Mileage For Trip: 3979

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