Day 42

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Vacation 2012, Day 42 July 27


1. Midway point.

2. Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City KS.

3. Dorothy's House, Liberal KS.

4. The RV at Corral Drive-in Theater/RV Park/Pizzeria & Grill, Guymon OK.

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Breakfast in the RV. Found out that Kinsley is the mid-point across the country so we took a picture of that and then drove on US 56 south to Dodge City KS and saw the Boot Hill Museum were they have built a replica of the old main street. Next we continued on US 56 south to US 83 south to Liberal KS where we took a tour of Dorothy's House and The Land of Oz. After the tour we got on US 54 to Guymon OK where we ate supper at Margarita's Steak House and then found a place to stay at the Corral Drive-In Theater and RV Park and Pizzeria where you can camp, watch a movie and eat pizza all at ounce.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 83

   Marilyn: 89

Weather: Sunny with Scattered cloud, Hot and Humid.

Lowest Gas Price: $3.299

Mileage Today: 166

Mileage For Trip: 7426

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