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Vacation 2013, Day 01 June 08

Worlds largest thermometer at Baker CA

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First day of vacation 2013 started when we left San Diego at about 7:00AM driving north on I-15. Stopped for breakfast at Penfolds in Tamecula. We ate with our friends Jim and Betty who came down from Oregon to visit family in Tamecula. After breakfast we continued on I-15 to Las Vegas NV. We are staying at Sam's Town Boulder RV park. We are in Las Vegas to attend my granddaughter, Lily's graduation from high school on on Monday. Had supper at Billy Bob's Steak House in Sam's Town with my daughter Cheryl, my granddaughters Lily and Rachel and Rachel's husband.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 2

   Marilyn: 1

Weather: Hot, 113

Lowest Gas Price: $3.469

Mileage Today: 347

Mileage For Trip: 347

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