Day 04

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Vacation 2013, Day 04 June 11


Hoover Dam and Generator Room

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Packed up and left Sam's Town and drove to The Longhorn Casino and ate breakfast. After we finished eating we got on HWY-93 south and drove to Hoover Dam. We had to park the RV quite a ways from the Dam. We had to walk down two long flights of stairs to get to the dam. We took the generator room tour but didn't take the dam tour because it was sold out until the afternoon. Then it was back up the stairs to the RV (Marilyn counted 103 steps). From Hoover Dam we drove south on HWY-93 to Phoenix AZ to visit Faye and Jon Velle where we stayed the night.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 2

   Marilyn: 4

Weather: Still Hot!

Lowest Gas Price: $3.369

Mileage Today: 295

Mileage For Trip: 642

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