Day 15

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Vacation 2013, Day 15 June 22

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Breakfast in the RV. Went to fuel the RV, while trying to pull into the gas pump the RV bumped the top of the gas pump and the front panel of the pump came open. I went and got the attendant who checked the pump and decided there was no damage, just had to get a key to lock the panel. I checked the RV and couldn't find anything. Next it was back on I-20 West to Shreveport LA, then onto HWY-71 North to Hwy-549 to I-30 East to Hope AR. The reason we came to Hope is to see another Presidential Home/Library and Bill Clinton's Birthplace Home is here. We drove around and around looking for it but couldn't find it. We stopped at the visitor center and asked for directions. When we did find it we realized we wad driven past it several times. It is now run by the National Park System and we got a guided tour of the house. After the tour we went to Big Jake's BBQ for supper. After supper we found the only RV park in Hope, it's called Fair Park RV Park and is located in a combination fair ground and park. Nobody runs it on weekends, you park were you want and put $15 in a slot, Again, short on amenities but you can't beat the price.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 28

   Marilyn: 24

Weather: Warm (High 90's), Humid (Low 90's)

Lowest Gas Price: $3.179

Mileage Today: 284

Mileage For Trip: 2988

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