Day 31

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Vacation 2013, Day 31 July 08


Treasure Island Beach near St. Petersburg,

Tornado/Water Spout near our campground.

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Breakfast in the RV. Drove over to St. Petersburg FL. Drove along the beach until we found a place to park the RV. Got our feet wet in the Gulf of Mexico (now we have been in The Pacific, The Atlantic, The Gulf of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez). Stopped twice to do some shopping on the way back to the campground. Supper in the RV. While playing dominos we saw other campers all looking west, when we looked out to the west we saw a funnel cloud not far from the campground. The picture above is one I found on the internet somebody took of the same funnel cloud. Buy the time I got my camera and got outside it had lifted up.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 61

   Marilyn: 61

Weather: Hot and Humid, afternoon thunderstorm, Tornado/Water Spout

Lowest Gas Price: $3.259

Mileage Today: 63

Mileage For Trip: 4823

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