Day 52

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Vacation 2013, Day 52 July 29


National Corvette Museum, Lost River Cave Tour

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Breakfast at El Patron, Cave City KY. Drove South on I-65 to Bowling Green KY Where we visited The National Corvette Museum. Found out a lot about Corvette history and saw a lot of Corvettes. We wanted to tour the GM factory across the street and see them building Corvettes but the tours aren't running until next year. Too bad because Marilyn wanted to order one at the factory. (MSRP $75,000) Drove a little farther South on I-65 to Lost River Cave (still in Bowling Green) where a river comes up out of the ground, runs about 400 feet and goes back into a cave. We took an underground boat tour into the cave. Our guides Laramie and Zack gave us a lot of history and information about the cave. After the Lost River Cave we continued South on I-65 to "Music City", Nashville TN. Got a place to stay at Nashville's Jellystone Park. Had supper at Santa Fe Cattle Company.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 104

   Marilyn: 105

Weather: Nice

Lowest Gas Price: 

Mileage Today: 112

Mileage For Trip: 7095

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