Day 13

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Started in grand Rapids MN.. Drove to Itasca State Park and saw Lake Itasca which is the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

Got a picture of where the Mississippi flows out of the lake and flows north before it turns around and starts south.

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From Itasca we drove to Wadena MN.. Staying at Rich and Kathy Angus's, Rich is Marilyn's brother.

Haven't heard from any of you lately, are you still out there?

Bob, what's happening with Media One? We haven't got much news lately. forward me an AT&T Today with the latest info.

Lowest gas, Wadena $1.01

Taught Kathy to play Dominos. We played three handed. Marilyn fans will be happy to know she won all three games. (but they don't count in the head to head standings).

Jim and Marilyn