Day 6

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The sun came up, the wind had stopped and we left Amarillo at 7:30 AM. Drove out of Texas and through Oklahoma to Joplin MO..

Saw tornado damage northeast of Oklahoma City (Shroud Oklahoma) and just west of Tulsa. Also saw flooding by Grand Lake Oklahoma.

Camping at Joplin KOA.

Gas prices went from $1.13 in Texas to $0.94 in Oklahoma. It is $0.99 here in Joplin.

We have heard back from three of you. We won't say who the missing ones are but they are the ones that live with us.

All of you have mentioned the domino scores and are forming into fan clubs. Marilyn 3 fans, Jim 0.


Jim 17

Marilyn 9

Happy Cinco DeMayo. We are having spaghetti for dinner.

Jim and Marilyn