Day 9

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Drove from Eagleville MO all the way through Iowa to Spring Valley MN. and visited Rita and Jim Ryan. Marilyn lived with Rita while she went to nurses training. From there we drove through Rochester MN and saw the Mayo Clinic and Saint Mary's Hospital where Marilyn did her training. She also showed me the houses where she lived during the time she was training. from Rochester we drove to Shorewood MN. (a suburb of Minneapolis) to visit Judith and Phil Bortscheller. Set up camp in Judith and Phil's driveway.

Lowest Gas:

Iowa must have a law about signs because we couldn't see any prices from the highway. Saw one sign in Iowa for $1.06.

Gas around Minneapolis is about $1.17.


Didn't play last night, the last score is

Jim 25

Marilyn 16

Jim and Marilyn