Day 5

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Had breakfast in the RV again.

Drove into Canada and entered the Waterton Lakes National Park. Drove to the end of Red Rock Canyon. The first three pictures above are from that road. Drove back to the main road and continued on to the town of Waterton. The next three pictures are The Prince of Wales Hotel, Big horn Sheep on the street in Waterton and waterfalls on the edge of town.

Tomorrow we leave East Glacier and drive the RV around the south end to West Glacier. From there we start towards Oregon. we will be sight seeing along the way.

Remember about the e-mail? We like to get it as well as send it. So far we only have heard from Marilyn's sisters, Judith and Joyce.

I reported Day 4's Domino score incorrectly, the score should have been Jim: 4, Marilyn: 10

Dominos: Jim: 7, Marilyn: 13