Day 10

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Vacation 2001 Day: 10

Date: 05/28/2001

Got up about 6AM, unhooked the RV, put Willy Nelson's "On The Road Again" on the CD player, got on highway 60 east and put Mesa AZ in our rear view mirror. Stopped for breakfast in Superior AZ and saw the "Smallest Museum in the World". Continued on 60 to Show Low AZ, turned west on highway 260 to Payson where we got a place to stay at the Ox Bow Estates RV Park.

We haven't said anything about the weather, it was in the 90's at Ajo, Tucson, in the 80's at the Grand Canyon. When we went back to Phoenix they got a heat wave unusual for May, 105 to 110. As I write this it is 84 in Payson with a nice breeze. Payson is about 5000 feet. Hope to have more pictures for you tomorrow.

Pictures: The Smallest Museum in the World, Superior AZ and the Salt River in Salt River Canyon.


Domino Scores

   Jim: 23

   Marilyn: 25

Lowest Gas Price: $1.45 (Superior AZ)

Mileage Today: 222

Mileage For Trip: 1508