Day 4

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Vacation 2001 Day: Day 4

Date: 05/22/2001

Had breakfast in the RV. Went into Sedona to do some shopping and take a tour of the town. By the time we got done shopping and got to the tour office it was sold out for the tour we wanted to take. Did some more shopping and left town. Drove from Sedona to Flagstaff then on to the Grand Canyon to visit Stacie, my daughter. Set up camp at Trailer Village campground in the park. Stacie took us out to dinner at the El Tovar Hotel (the best restaurant in the park).

The pictures are the rocks around Sedona, the road between Sedona and Flagstaff (you can see four levels), the Grand Canyon from Mather Point (you can see the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch in the bottom), and Stacie at work (in the background at the cash register).

Domino Scores

   Jim: 6

   Marilyn: 7

Lowest Gas Price: $1.49

Mileage Today: 119

Mileage For Trip: 1017