Day 6

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Vacation 2001 Day: 6

Date: 05/24/2001

Ate French toast and bacon in the RV. Caught the blue bus at the Trailer Village bus stop, road over to the Hermits Rest transfer station. Transferred to the Red Line bus and toured the West Rim. At the Powel Point observation stop we saw several Condors in flight and roosting at an old mine site (totally cool). Continued up to Hermits Rest. 

Got back on the bus back to the transfer station, got back on the Blue bus to the General Store. Picked up some groceries and caught the bus back to the campground. Stacie and Angel came over after dinner and we all took pictures of each other.

Pictures: Condor in flight over the canyon, Ground squirrel scratching a flea, Marilyn beside the fireplace in the Hermits Rest, Me at the Hermits Rest sign and Stacie and Angel. 



Domino Scores

   Jim: 11

   Marilyn: 12

Lowest Gas Price:

Mileage Today: 0

Mileage For Trip: 1017