Day 8

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Vacation 2002 Day: 8

Date: 05/11/2002

Toto, I think we ARE in Kansas! And we are, Salina Kansas to be exact.

Started the day in Pueblo CO and went north on I-25 to Colorado Springs. Went to see Seven Falls outside town, then got on Highway 24 east to Liman CO and got on I-70 east. Continued on I-70, stopped at Colby Kansas for dinner. Here we are in shorts and short sleeves and everybody else is in long pants and jackets. From Colby we continued east to Salina KS and got a spot to stay at the KOA.


Domino Scores

   Jim: 11

   Marilyn: 14

Lowest Gas Price: $1.23 (Falcon CO and Russell KS)

Mileage Today: 462

Mileage For Trip: 1963