Day 06

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Day 06

Date: 05/18/2005

Got up, had breakfast and left the campground. Fueled up the RV for $2.29. Headed out of town east on HWY 89 and not 2 miles down the road passed a gas station with gas for $2.22 (happens every time). Stopped at The Navajo National Monument. We looked around the visitor center, watched a 20 minuet video and walked a mile to an overlook of The Betatakin Ruins. Left the monument and continued on HWY 180 to Kayenta (home of the famous Laundromat/RV park) where we had lunch at Mickey D's. After lunch we headed north on 163 to Monument Valley. We have been here before but never taken a Jeep Tour. We signed up for the 2 1/2 hour tour and took off with our guide, Howard. Howard is full Navajo and gave us a good tour. From Monument Valley we continued on HWY 163 to HWY 191 north to Blanding UT. where we are staying the night at Kampark RV Park.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 10

   Marilyn: 11

Lowest Gas Price: $2.22

Mileage Today: 221

Mileage For Trip: 1285