Day 14

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Vacation 2007, Day 14

Date: 09/18/2007

Kathy and Mike both had to go to work early so we slept in then I fixed Ham and Cheese omelets in the RV. Kathy got back about 10:30am. Marilyn and Kathy went shopping while I got caught up on the web pages and e-mails. Marilyn and Kathy got back from shopping and brought ice cream from DQ. Later I grilled steaks on the grill and Marilyn cooked baked potatoes and made salad for supper/dinner. After the dishes were cleaned up Kathy, Marilyn and I played Shanghai. I won one, Kathy won two.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 17

   Marilyn: 9

Weather: Warm and Humid

Lowest Gas Price: 

Mileage Today: 

Mileage For Trip: