Day 23

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Vacation 2009, Day 23, July 03

This was another visit with dad day until dad found water leaking from around the bottom of a toilet and said he was going to call a plumber, I said NO, I would fix it! So I went to the hardware store, bought a new wax ring seal, came back and spent the next couple of hours fixing the problem. Total cost $15. Later that afternoon my brother and his wife, Don and Gini came over. I grilled steaks and Marilyn fixed baked potatoes, salad, etc.. Later we had desert that Marilyn had prepared. This was to celebrate Don's birthday, July 6. After Don and Gini left we played Yahtzee, Marilyn won both games.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 20

   Marilyn: 20

Weather: Sunny and HOT, high 90's

Lowest Gas Price: 

Mileage Today: 277

Mileage For Trip: 5384