Day 28

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Vacation 2011, Day 28, June 30


Fat Cat and the Von Zippers at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace  

Elvis Presley’s Car behind the bar at the Crystal Palace.

Buck Owens won the car from Elvis in a poker game.



Packed up the RV, Said goodbye to Dad, fueled up the RV and got back on I-80 west to Sacramento where we turned onto Hwy-99 south. Stopped for breakfast at the Omelet House in Lodi. Continued south on Hwy-99 to Bakersfield CA where I topped off the fuel tank and got a place to spend the night at A Country RV Park just east of Bakersfield. For supper we went back into town to Buck Owens Crystal Palace where we dined on halibut and were entertained by the Fat Cat and the Von Zippers, then it was back to the RV camp for our last night on the road.


Domino Scores

   Jim: 60

   Marilyn: 46

Weather: Sunny and warm, high 80's

Lowest Gas Price: $3.55

Mileage Today: 340

Mileage For Trip: 6512

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