Day 15

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Cathy took some pictures and we left Wadena MN. and drove to Alexandria MN.. Marilyn showed me her old Jr. High School and High School. We visited with Wendell and Lil Scott. Marilyn used to work with Lil in the drug store. Then we drove to Garfield MN. where she grew up and went to Elementary School. then went past the family farm on the way to Brandon MN. and visited her parents grave site.

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Then off to Miltona MN. and visited Dave and Susie Lusty on their farm and saw their cows and horses. One horses ready to give birth and one in heat. Then we went back to Alexandria for dinner (Marilyn had Walleye, yum yum). Then to Laurel and Arlene Linder,

Marilyn went to High School with Arlene. We spent the night in their driveway. More rain during the night. Fishing season starts today.

Gas $1.01


No Dominos.

Jim and Marilyn