Day 4

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Stayed in Roswell all morning waiting for Neil Diamond tickets to go on sale in San Diego at 10:00 AM (11:00 AM Roswell time).

Killed time by going to the store then to the UFO Museum and Research Center. We found out how the government has covered up the UFO crash in 1947. Then filled up the RV with gas ($1.19).

After returning to the RV park we tried to call the reservation line and got busy signals (what a surprise). Got on line with the laptop and had two ticket 17 row from the stage within ten minutes. I am attaching a seating chart, we are in section M row 17.

neildiamondvmap.gif (18871 bytes)

Drove from Roswell to Amarillo TX. Staying overnight at the Amarillo KOA.

Amarillo had 5.5 inches of rain Saturday. Our weather has been good the whole trip except for wind. Tornado watch is in effect just east of here.

Gas in New Mexico was $1.19. when we went into Texas it dropped to $1.09, saw one station for $1.04.


Jim 11

Marilyn 4

Jim and Marilyn


Twister of fate.

After playing dominos we watched the 10:00 PM news to see about the tornadoes. We, and probably you saw that a large tornado and sever weather had hit Oklahoma City. After we were in bed Marilyn reminded me that if we had not stayed late in Roswell to get the tickets for the Neil Diamond concert, we would have been right in the middle of the tornado and storms.