Day 24

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Vacation 2012, Day 24 July 09


1. Campground sign.

2. Mud Lake at campground.

3. Our camp site at Northern Exposure.

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Chorizo and eggs for breakfast, Packed up and got back on Hwy 13 until we completed the loop to US 2. Said goodbye to US 2 for the last time on this trip and got on US 51 south to US 8 west until we reached Cameron WI where we will stay the night at Northern Exposure campground on the shore of Mud Lake. Today we saw a lot tree lined highway, a lot of fields, to brown herons, a dead deer, lakes and a very few cows (I thought this was the dairy state?) 

Domino Scores

   Jim: 59

   Marilyn: 60

Weather: Sunny and warm, scattered clouds.

Lowest Gas Price: $3.439

Mileage Today: 252

Mileage For Trip: 5082

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