Day 23

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Vacation 2012, Day 23 July 08


1. Our tour boat the Superior Princess.

2. Lighthouse on Long Island.

3. Shipwreck.

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After breakfast in the RV we drove on US 53 back through Duluth, over a bridge and were in supperior Wisconsin where we wet back up with US 2. After a few miles we turned onto Hwy 13 (The supperior Scenic Loop). When we got to Bayfield we went to the visitor center we found out there are boat tours of the Apostle Islands just offshore from town. We went down and signed up for the 2 1/2 hour Glass Bottom Tour. Didn't see much through the glass bottom because the water was cloudy from all the recent rain but we did see a lot of the Apostle Islands and some shipwrecks. After the cruse it was supper at The Pickled Herring Restaurant. Then we drove just south of town and got a place to stay at Apostle Islands Area Campground.

Domino Scores

   Jim: 56

   Marilyn: 58

Weather: Mostly sunny and warm with some scattered clouds.

Lowest Gas Price: $3.539

Mileage Today: 102

Mileage For Trip: 4830

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