Day 7

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Vacation 2004, Day 7

Date: 05/12/2004

Marilyn went to lunch with her sister Judith, her sister-in-law Kathy Angus and two cousins, Pat and Jackie Angus.

Mischa, Devin and I went shopping then we met up with Marilyn after her lunch. Kathy's car broke down so we drove her home to Wadena. Kathy and her son Mike took us to dinner at Pizza Ranch in Wadena then we went back to Kathy's house, played cards and camped out in her driveway.

Picture: Devin in front of Kathy and Mike Angus's house.

Shanghai Scores

   Jim: 2

   Marilyn: 2

  Mischa: 6

Lowest Gas Price: $1.92

Mileage Today: 190

Mileage For Trip: 2491