Day 8

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Vacation 2004, Day 08

Date: 05/13/2004

Drove from Kathy's house in Wadena to visit Dave and Susie Lusty's farm in Miltona MN. Susie is Marilyn's cousin.  Devin got to see horses, cows and newborn kittens (a litter of nine). After the visit to the farm we went back to Wadena to pick up Kathy to take her to get her car in St. Cloud. After we dropped off Kathy we went on to St. Michael to visit Fred and Linda Angus (Fred is Marilyn's brother).

Weather: Up until today the weather has been wonderful! Today it was still 32 at 10:00AM

Shanghai Scores

   Jim: 2

   Marilyn: 2

  Mischa: 6

Lowest Gas Price: $1.92

Mileage Today: 240

Mileage For Trip: 2731

Happy Trails

Jim, Marilyn, Mischa and Devin